Here are preview pages of my 6 issue mini-series from Marvel. The book is titled Iron Man Hypervelocity and will be released January 2007. It'll be offered in the November Diamond previews catalog for items shipping in January. Let your local comic shop know you want to order it and they'll reserve you a copy.


Gary Seaward said...

As I said at MySpace, Great stuff, Can't wait for the whole comic!

Randy P. Valiente said...

Wow! These are awesome! Another talented Iron Man artist.

RockytheSquirrel said...


Great work. I worked on yearbook with you in 85-86 and I spotted you as a talent. Lost track but saw your work on the cover of Quick (DMN) this morning. Great work. Ironman was always one of my faves.

I've got an entry in my yearbook that you drew a little icon of yourself and a cool message.

Best of luck and feel free to post to my blog at gischimp.blogspot.com. My handle is RockytheSquirrel.


Michael Miller
Class of 1986