Star Wars Celebration 4 print

I will be attending the Star Wars Celebration 4 in Los Angeles on May 24-28, 2007. There are 49 artists invited to the art show this year. Starwars.com has been posting previews of the selected artists limited edition prints they are selling at the show. Mine just went up along with the last batch of artists. Here is the link to the preview page to see the other amazing artists... Celebration Prints And here below is a preview of my print available at the show. There will be only 250 of these ever printed in a limited edition. They will be signed and numbered and only sold at Celebration 4. Denham's sentimental piece captures that moment in time when millions of people exclaimed, "Wow!" The Star Destroyer fly-over lasted less than 20 seconds but will forever be marked in our collective memories as a cause for Celebration. Let me know what you think of the print. I really wanted to draw the Star Wars characters but I have had this moment stuck in my head since childhood. I felt it was appropriate to celebrate this memory for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. Brian P.S. If you linked here through Rebelscum.com welcome! My name is Brian Denham and I draw comics for Marvel. My 6 issue mini-series; Iron Man Hypervelocity ships until June 2007, then I switch over to draw a segment in the Marvel series Nova for a few months. Look through my gallery here to see some more of my art. I draw everything in Adobe Illustrator and I teach a tutorial blog at www.illcraft.com You can also see my art at Deviant Art under my profile www.danerot.deviantart.com And you can visit me on Myspace at www.myspace.com/briandenham

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blieber120 said...

Brian, this is an awesome print. It really captures for me the first moment when I saw that opening crawl. I hope to see you at C4 and snag this print!
Bruce L.