WILLY WONKA vector drawing

WILLY WONKA I made this like an old sticker card in a pack of bubblegum cards from the 1970's. Remember those? This entire piece was drawn and colored in Adobe Illustrator. It's taken from a shot of Johnny Depp from the new Willy Wonka movie. I wanted to practice coloring with vectors. Sorry about the low quality JPEG. The red stars turned a little pixelated.Posted by Hello


Travis said...


My name is Travis, Your work is AWSOME and has inspired me to pick up a wacom of my own, do you have any tips for using the 'pencil tool' a bit more efficiently every time I try, my art comes out sketchy as if I had actually done it with a pencil. I suppose it could be my technique? By the way, You making this blog... Is probably one of the coolest things any artist could do... Thanks!

Brian Denham said...


Thanks for stopping by and posting!

When drawing in Illustrator you need to change your standard pencil settings.

Here are the ones that work for me--

Double click the pencil tool to get a sub-menu. Select these--

FIDELITY .05 pixels
within 3 pixels

This is what I have found works best for me.

When I start sketching I make a new LAYER and name it SKETCH. I then use the PENCIL tool with NO FILL and a .01 STROKE to sketch.

Once my initial sketch is finished I make a new LAYER and name it ROUGH and then I do a more detailed pencil drawing. I also select the SKETCH layer and turn it's opacity down to 50%. This step is a lot like drawing on paper except I don't have to lightly erase my sketch lines with a kneaded eraser like I used to. Saves my hand from cramping!

My next LAYER is either a FINAL line art drawing of my pencil work OR a final Inked version. If I am comfortable enough with my rough sketch I'll go in and do my final drawing. But I will use a FILL of black and the same .01 STROKE.

When I draw my "ink" layer I need to almost draw over my line each time. It takes a bit of practice to get the PENCIL tool to look like a brush or a quill. To give it a natural look I rough up the lines after I go. Pretending it is on paper with ridges and bumbs I do a scratchy line around the edges of my black areas to make it look hand done on paper.

These are some good starting tips. Try this stuff out and if you have any more questions please let me know.

Maybe I'll post a close-up of the lines so you can see what I am doing.